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Anechoic termination for acoustic tubes


Mecanum’s patent-pending Enhanced Noise Deadener (E.N.D.) Technology is simply the most compact and efficient anechoic termination on the market. Specially designed to be used with acoustic impedance and sound transmission tubes. Mecanum anechoic terminations are the only ones to reach 95% of sound absorption coefficients at 100 Hz in only 37 cm long. Mecanum ENDTM technology complies with the definition of an anechoic wall according to ISO 3745.


Mecanum anechoic terminations, based on ENDTM technology, are compact in comparison to existing absorbent terminations.  

They exist in different diameters to fit acoustic tubes of:

  • 100 mm
  • 44.44 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 29 mm
  • Custom design on demand

Mecanum anechoic terminations are characterized by a cutoff frequency from which a sound absorption coefficient is maintained. Different terminations are available:

  • Cutoff frequency of 95% @ 150 Hz
  • Cutoff frequency of 95% @ 100 Hz
  • Cutoff frequency of 99% @ 100 Hz  (Anechoic termination according to ISO 3745)


  • Use with an acoustic impedance tube
  • Use with a sound transmission tube
  • ENDTM Technology can also be used in different surface acoustic treatments

Main advantages of the product

Improved quality of the inter-microphone correction function of ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611 and ISO 10534 standards;

Improved quality of sound absorption and sound transmission measurements in acoustic tubes;
Used as absorbent acoustic load (anechoic) in the ASTM E2611 two-load method;
Only tube termination that satisfies the anechoic conditions of ISO 3745 standard;
Based on Mecanum’s patent-pending ENDTM Technology.

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