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HF SIGMA – High Airflow Resistance Meter


The high airflow resistance meter (HF SIGMA) is designed to obtain reliable measurements of the airflow resistance, normalized resistance, resistivity, and viscous permeability in function of flow velocity for a wide range of open cell materials.

The flow velocity goes from 10 cm/s up to 280 cm/s for a 100 mm diameter sample (it depends on the atmospheric condition) and the measured pressure drop can be up to 17 kPa.

Material properties in function of flow velocity

➡ Pressure Drop (Pa)

➡ Airflow resistance (Pa.s/m or rayls)

➡ Normalized airflow resistance (normalized by air characteristic acoustic impedance)

➡ Airflow resistivity (Pa.s/m² or rayls/m)

➡ Viscous permeability (m² or Darcy)


Mecanum’s high airflow resistance meter is used by the world’s leading material suppliers for both automotive and aircraft industry for quality control in the manufacturing process of materials; research, development, and innovation, and for feeding acoustical prediction software dealing with sound absorbing materials, perforated plate, fabrics for a high sound pressure level application.


The system includes:

  • One mobile specimen holders (100-mm diameter)
  • Certified calibrated resistance
  • HF SIGMA-X software

The HF SIGMA-X software fully controls the measurement and calculates the main properties and statistics related to the measurement. It corrects effects of atmospheric pressure and temperature. 

Main advantages of the product

Measurement sequence controlled and guided through a user-friendly interface;

Increase the quality of the modelling of acoustic materials.

More information

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