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World leader in acoustic materials, Mecanum will help you with any of your acoustical issues. Mecanum is a Canadian manufacturer of acoustic materials characterization equipments with the highest level of quality control. In addition, Mecanum engeneering team offers consulting services in noise and vibration control, transport and building acoustics, and poroelastic and damping material characterization. Mecanum also develops general and dedicated simulation and characterization software in vibroacoustics, and offers different trainings.


Our Services

You have an acoustic problem to solve? Mecanum isn’t just an equipment manufacturer, our consulting department can help you.

Acoustic problems

Don’t let acoustic problems ruin your working days. At Mecanum we solve acoustic problems of all types.

Acoustic Materials

At Mecanum, we can characterize, optimize and help designing materials for noise and vibration controls.

NVH design

Mecanum helps worldwide companies to improve their acoustic products. Noise barrier, muffler, fan, sound package, trim, enclosure are some examples.


Mecanum has a R & D partnership with the largest acoustic research center in Canada, the Acoustic Group of Université de Sherbrooke (GAUS).

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