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Mecanum offers a series of stand-alone equipments for porous materials characterization to the state-of-the-art. Innovate in your noise control solutions. Bring your Acoustics and Material Laboratories to the top with Mecanum’s advanced technologies.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Canada. They reach the highest standard of quality. We offer on-site installation and training for their optimal use, and an extended guaranty.

List of products

TUBE – Impedance and transmission tubes​

Mecanum tubes are available in 29-mm, 44.44-mm, and 100-mm diameter sizes to cover the 35 to 6600 Hz but we also customize tubes to meet your needs.  They are distributed with microphones, USB DAQ system, verification sample, mounting accessories, and the TUBE-X software. TUBE-X controls measurements and postprocesses data to obtain all acoustic properties. It communicates fully with our FOAM-X software that enables a complete characterization of open-cell porous materials.

Our tubes are designed according to ASTM E1050, ISO 10534-2 and ASTM E2611.

High sound pressure level (HSPL) table top or portable impedance tube are also available.

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SIGMA – Static Airflow Resistance Meter

SIGMA is used to measure the airflow resistivity and permeability of permeable materials.  It is distributed with the SIGMA-X software that fully controls the measurements.  It automatically detects the appropriate range of airflow speeds and measures pressure drops in function of airflow speed to accurately compute the static airflow resistance, the static airflow resistivity, and the permeability.

SIGMA is designed according to ASTM C 522 and ISO 9053-91.

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HF SIGMA – High Flow Resistance Meter

The high airflow resistance meter (HF SIGMA) is designed to obtain reliable measurements of the airflow resistance, normalized resistance, resistivity, and viscous permeability in function of flow velocity for a wide range of open cell materials. It automatically detects the appropriate range of airflow speeds and measures pressure drops in function of airflow speed to accurately compute these indicators.

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FPS – Fabric Permeability System

FPS is used to measure air permeability of woven and non-woven fabrics, textiles, and perforated plates.  FPS is distributed with a verification orifice plate with verification chart according to ISO 5167-2, and the FPS-X software that fully controls the measurement.

FPS is an essential equipment for the textile industry.

FPS is designed according to ISO 9237.

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PHI – Porosity and Density Meter

PHI is used to measure the open porosity and the true bulk density of open-cell porous materials.   It is distributed with a verification sample and the PHI-X software that assists experimenters in the measurement.

PHI is specially designed to measure the open porosity and the true (in-vacuum) bulk density used in acoustic propagation models of poro-elastic media, such as Biot or Zwikker and Kosten models.

PHI is designed according to the pressure/mass method that is published in the peer reviewed Journal of Applied Physics.

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QMA – Quasi-static Mechanical Analyzer

QMA is used to measure the elastic properties of poroelastic materials.  It is distributed with a verification spring and the QMA-X software that fully controls the measurement. The typical characterization frequency range is 10 to 100 Hz.

QMA is an essential tool that provides the elastic properties required to populate acoustic models for poroelastic materials following the Biot theory.

QMA is designed according to ISO ISO 18437-5.

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TOR – Ultrasound Tortuosity Meter

TOR is used to measure the tortuosity and the characteristic lengths of porous materials.  It is distributed with the ultrasound reflection and the transmission systems that characterize the high resistive and low resistive media, and the TOR-X software that controls the measurement.

Tortuosity measured by the TOR system is defined in the scientific works by Johnson, Koplik and Dashen. It represents the structure factors defined in the Biot theory and the Zwikker and Kosten theory on sound propagation in porous media.

TOR is a unique system that uses the most advanced scientific techniques.

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ETA system measures Young’s modulus and damping loss factor based on ASTM E756-05 standard (Oberst beam test technique) of elastic or viscoelastic materials. It can be used for quality control as well as for simulation purposes.

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Acoustic Test Cabin

Our Acoustic Test Cabin is the solution for quick and accurate sound absorption and transmission loss tests on small samples. It is distributed with a USB DAQ system and a software that controls the measurement.

The quasi-diffuse field inside of the cabin is generated by four loud speakers excited with white noise.  A microphone antenna is used to evaluate the sound field inside of the cabin.

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Any concerns about your experimental setup for materials characterization? Tell us what you want to do. If our off-the-shelf devices can’t do it, we will design and fabricate the needed accessory to make it work.

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