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PHI – Porosity and Density Meter


The porosity and density meter is a special pycnometer specifically designed to obtain reliable measurements of the open porosity and true bulk density of open cell porous materials used in noise control. The system is based on the published pressure/mass isothermal method, where the mass of the test sample is measured at different pressures. From the perfect gas law, the volume of the solid phase is obtained, from which the bulk density and open porosity of the material are deduced. Different gases can be used, typically air or argon. Accuracy of the method increases with the bulk volume of sample and the density of the used gas.

Material Properties

➡ Open porosity

➡ True bulk density (kg/m³)


Mecanum’s porosity meter is used by the world’s leading material suppliers in both automotive and aircraft industries for:

  • Quality control in the manufacturing process of materials
  • Research, development, and innovation
  • Feeding acoustical prediction software dealing with sound absorbing materials


The system includes a certified verification sample and the PHI-X software. The PHI-X software fully controls and guides the experimenter during the measurement and calculates the statistics on the measurement of the open porosity and true bulk density. Furthermore, the acquistion is completely automated and measures of atmospheric conditions are embedded. The system typically works with disc shaped samples. Optional verification samples are available.

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