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Mecanum has an agreement with Université de Sherbrooke to collaborate with the GAUS. The GAUS is a world leader in applied research in acoustics and vibration.  With this partnership, Mecanum has access to some of the GAUS’ facilities and laboratories: Laboratory for the characterization of porous and viscoelastic materials, anechoic chamber, reverberant chamber, coupled anechoic-reverberant suite, and more.

Characterization of porous and damping materials

Mecanum uses state-of-the-art equipments to characterize porous and damping material properties such as:

  • Normal incidence sound transmission loss
  • Damping loss factor
  • Static airflow resistivity
  • Open porosity

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Consulting services

Mecanum offers high scientific and technological expertise to support your engineering department with noise and vibration problems:

  • Vibroacoustical simulations
  • Acoustic material design and optimization
  • Green acoustic material design
  • Software development
  • Design of tests and characterization devices
  • On-site training courses on acoustics and acoustic materials

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Sound and vibration measurements

Mecanum has access to research and test facilities to perform sound and vibration measurements such as:

  • Diffuse field sound transmission loss test
  • Diffuse field sound absorption test
  • Sound power and sound intensity
  • Structure borne insertion loss
  • Modal analysis

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