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The static airflow resistance meter is designed to obtain reliable measurements of the static airflow resistance, resistivity, and static viscous permeability for a wide range of open cell porous materials used in noise control. The system is based on the direct method described in  ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053-91 standards.

The system is compact and completely automatic, which allows to measure exactly several samples in a short period of time. The system also includes a support of thin film.

  Two specimen holders (the first with a diameter of 100 mm and the other with a diameter of 44.44 mm) are easy to install and are supplied with their suitcase of protection. It is also possible to test resistive screens (such as fabrics) thanks to a specimen holder (of a diameter of 44 mm), which allows of test most of the resistive screens. A sample of check with its charter is also supplied.

Grids are also supplied to support limp material in addition of  rings, supplied to minimize airflow leaks around the sample.




The system must be supplied with dry and clean compressed air. If your installations are not provided with a system of supply in dry and clean air, you can get yourselves optionally our silent compressor and our system of filtration.  

Mecanum can manufacture custom systems to meet your exact application requirements such as specific sample holder or specific measurement range.


Optional calibrated samples, holders and air compressor unit are available.

The system needs to be supplied with some clean and dry air.

Material properties

➡ Static airflow resistivity (Pa.s/m² or rayls/m)

➡ Static airflow resistance (Pa.s/m or rayls)

➡ Static viscous permeability (m² or Darcy)


Mecanum’s static airflow resistance meter is used by the world’s leading material suppliers for both automotive and aircraft industry for quality control in the manufacturing process of materials; research, development, and innovation, and for feeding acoustical prediction software dealing with sound absorbing materials.

SIGMA-X software

The SIGMA-X software fully controls the measurement and calculates the main properties and statistics related to the measurement. It corrects pressure and temperature. The system works with disc shaped samples.

Main advantages of the product

Completely automatic system;












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