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ADNR (free)

A practical and easy-to-use software for structural acoustics and vibration of complex plate-like structures. Excellent tool for preliminary design of noise control solutions and for education.  Useful to pre-design damped panel-like structures in the car, aerospace, marine, train and other industries. ADNR uses a variational approach that allows quick and accurate calculations of the effects of structural complexities on the vibro-acoustics of multi-layered plate-like structures.

For design engineersadnr

  • Providing answers to “what if” questions
  • Pre-design tool
  • Validation of in-house codes
  • Self-learning of structural acoustics and vibration (S.A.V.)

For educators and students

  • Learning and understanding S.A.V
  • Supporting theoretical projects
  • Supporting experimental projects

Advanced features

  • Structural complexities
    • Constrained and unconstrained viscoelastic layers
    • Stiffeners
    • Added masses
    • Excitation and coupling
  • Mechanical forces and moments
    • Acoustical excitations (diffuse, plane waves)
    • Weak and strong fluid-structure couplings
  • Frequency analysis
    • Low, medium and high frequencies
    • Narrow band and 1/3-octave band analyses

Design for Microsoft Windows
Easy-to-use by specialist and non-specialist Quick results on PC • User friendly interface

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 users Windows_logo

For ADNR users installed on Windows Vista and more, the Users’s Manual Help Menu does not work.  To make it work, users need to install the WinHelp32.exe program.  It can be downloaded from the Microsoft support center at:

English : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607


To receive your “free” copy of ADNR, please send us a request at info@mecanum.com.