Industrial Acoustics

Noise at work as shown to be an important factor affecting health and productivity of workers.


A new draft noise regulation was published in the Gazette Officielle du Québec on November 6, 2019. The new regulation will lower the eight-hour noise exposure limit from 90 dBA to 85 dBA. Employers will be required to use reasonable means to comply with these exposure limits. Among these means, the new regulation proposes to limit the propagation of noise by installing enclosures or acoustic treatment of premises.


At the same time, employers will have to assess, every 5 years, all work situations that may exceed the limit levels and assess the means of noise reduction to be implemented.


Mecanum's experts are there to help you develop an effective intervention plan. First, they will identify the main sources of noise and the most problematic transfer paths. Dosimetry measurements can also be taken to ensure the workers' noise exposure level. Depending on the complexity of the problem, they will be able to implement acoustic simulation tools to test the impact of different solutions and propose the modifications presenting the best compromise in terms of efficiency and dollars spent.

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  • Optimization of the reverberation time in order to reduce ambient noise;

  • Solving a problem with the machine being too noisy or emitting too much vibration;

  • Noise measurements of short or long duration and validation of compliance with current standards;

  • Dosimetry measurement;

  • Design of industrial acoustic solution (e.g. silencer, acoustic screens, isolator, etc.).

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