Environmental Noise

Taking into account noise pollution very early in the development of your projects allows you to anticipate possible noise problems. You can thus plan and develop optimum noise reduction solutions at low cost in order to comply with various environmental and OSH regulations. It avoids the implementation of unplanned solutions which are often both expensive and ineffective.

Mecanum's team has the expertise and the technologies necessary to carry out your environmental noise projects. 

Related Services

Mecanum offers various consulting services in order to carry out your projects:

  • Identification of the main sources of noise and transfer path;

  • 24/7 acoustic or vibration monitoring with possibility of web monitoring;

  • On-site measurement campaign to identify the noise climate around your installations;

  • Sound impact measurements of existing installations *;

  • Acoustic mapping and simulation of the impact of new installations;

  • Road noise measurements and simulations;

  • Design of acoustic screens.


* Reference method for noise measurement and for determining the acoustic evaluation level 

   (LRQ (c. Q-2), sections 20 and 22)

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