Mecanum’s acoustic test cabin is the solution for a quick and accurate sound absorption and transmission tests on medium-sized samples.



Mecanum’s acoustic test cabin is used for:

  • Quality control in the manufacturing process of materials;

  • Research, development, and innovation;

  • Comparative quick tests of sound absorption and transmission coefficient.


The main double-hinged magnetic access door allows quick and safe access to the interior of the cabin while ensuring a high airtightness.

Caractéristiques du TOR 2 gaz

L’option deux gaz comprend la mesure dans l’air et l’hélium.

  • La combinaison des mesures permet de trouver la longueur caractéristique visqueuse ainsi que la longueur caractéristique thermique;

  • Procédure de mesure, traitement de signal et post-traitement de pointe pour obtenir une meilleure précision;

  • Méthode basée sur plusieurs recherches scientifiques [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 et 7].


The test window on the access door is easily accessible and the change of samples is easy, which allows a large number of samples to be tested in a reduced period of time. 

The cabin is also mounted on wheels, in order to facilitate its movement. 


Le tortuosimètre à ultrasons de Mecanum est utilisé par les principaux fournisseurs de matériaux au monde dans l’industrie de l’automobile et de l’aviation pour :

  • le contrôle de qualité dans les processus de fabrication des matériaux ;

  • la recherche et le développement ;

  • l’alimentation des modèles utilisés dans les logiciels de prédiction acoustique.


Four uncorrelated speakers are positioned in an optimal way to obtain the most homogeneous diffuse sound field.

A four microphones antenna with a variable position is used to measure the sound field inside the cabin in an optimal way. In addition, four diffusers whose geometry and position are optimized are used to avoid interference in the measurement.


The acquisition system is connected to two ENVIRO Weather Stations, one inside and one outside of the cabin, to measure the atmospheric conditions at all times.


Sound absorption measurements are made according to a proprietary procedure closely related to ASTM C423 and ISO 354. Sound transmission is measured by evaluating the incident power from the quasi-diffuse field inside of the cabin and by measuring the transmitted power via a sound intensity scan on the surface of the tested sample. The method is similar to ISO 15186.

The interior dimensions of the cabin are 2,5m x 1,4m x 1,7m and those on the outside are 2,8m x 1,7m x 2,1m (these dimensions can be personalized optionally). The frequency validity range of the cabin is 315 Hz to 10 kHz and is checked by systematic comparison with classical tests using the reverberation and transmission loss facilities of the Acoustic Group of the Université de Sherbrooke (GAUS).


Main Advantages of the Product


Measurement of sound absorption and transmission in a single system for a fraction of the price of a standard installation


Quick and easy to use to test a large number of medium-sized samples in a short period of time;


Advanced calculation algorithms following the established standards


Robust construction with high STC, esthetic and mobile


Automatic calculation of the global statistics and the main acoustic indicators


Automatic reports



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