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Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic comfort has an important influence on the well-being of the occupants of a building. The current trend to build large areas free of obstacles not only improves the aesthetics of a place but can also become problematic from an acoustic point of view. Thanks to simulation tools and cutting-edge measurement techniques, Mecanum's acoustics and vibration experts will allow you to optimize the acoustics of your premises.


  • Optimization of the acoustics of the premises (auditoriums, meeting rooms, reception hall, sports halls, swimming pools, classrooms and amphitheatres, etc.);

  • On-site visit and monitoring;

  • In situ measurements of the FSTC (ASTM E336 & ASTM E413) and FIIC (ASTM E1007) indexes;

  • Laboratory measurements of the transmission loss of panels and architectural elements (ASTM E90).

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