LF-ANT - 3D Acoustic Camera


The LF-ANT is a fully standalone 3D Acoustic Camera. It is affordable, light (2.9 kg), ergonomic, and easy to carry and to use. With amazing real-time imaging capacity (up to 10 FPS), thanks to its powerful onboard computer and GCC-PHAT algorithm, it will allow you to save a huge amount of time when you are out in the field (ready in 30 seconds) or struggling with multiple sources, acoustic leaks or simply when you want to find or analyze any sound source.


Main Advantages

  • Acoustic hot spot finder

  • Acoustic leaks detection

  • Quality control

  • Multiple sound sources localization

  • Industrial noise sources identification

  • Architectural acoustics sound source analysis

  • NVH optimization

  • Extremely fast and easy setup

  • Instantaneous real-time analysis capacity

  • More affordable than most product

  • Ergonomic and easy to carry

  • User friendly with very easy setup

  • Light (2.9 kg battery included)

  • Replaceable battery

  • Sun readable industrial touchscreen screen

  • Robust aluminum structure



  • Acoustic Camera

  • Battery Charger

  • Battery (1)

  • Tripod

  • Case

  • Post-processing software

  • Extra battery

Measured Properties