Acoustic Consulting Projects

Noise and Vibration Reduction R&D Projects

With 25 years of noise and vibration reduction R&D experience and multiple contacts with different acoustic research groups, Mecanum can help you reduce the noise of your product.


We can:​

  • Analyse the noise and vibration of your product using state of the art laboratory and measurement system.

  • Determine the exact source of your noise or vibration problem.

  • Propose, design and test feasible noise and vibration control solutions.​

Mecanum - ​Noise and Vibration Reduction R&D Projects

NVH Design Project

Noise Vibrations and Harshness (NVH) issues are everywhere. Whether you design vehicles, household appliances, power tools, or any mechanical systems, you will find various types of noise on your way such as rolling, wind, fluid, or rattling noise just to name a few.

Mecanum specialists can deploy a comprehensive toolkit to solve your NVH challenge including:

  • Acoustic imaging.

  • Modal analysis using impact hammer or shaker.

  • Accelerometer testing.

  • Various microphone and intensity probe testing.

  • Complex test bench design with acoustic and/or vibration monitoring and analysis.

  • Small to large size testing using state of the art equipment and test facility.

  • Test and development of any type of acoustic materials.

  • Various types of simulation using Comsol, SolidWorks, Nova, SoundPLAN and more.

Mecanum - ​NVH Design Project

Architectural Acoustic

Noise is an essential parameter for comfort and privacy inside buildings and has an important influence on the well-being of building occupants. The sound insulation between the rooms and the partitions is a key parameter for the comfort of the inhabitants.

Using state-of-the-art simulation tools and measurement techniques, Mecanum team will allow you to optimize the acoustics and vibration of your premises and make it a better place to work.​

  • ASTC test (transmission between rooms or partitions).

  • Reverberation time (RT60).

  • RC/NC tests.

  • IIC tests (impact noise).

  • Leaks detection.

  • Propose feasible correction solutions.

Mecanum - ​Architectural Acoustic

Industrial Noise

Noise at work is recognized as an important factor affecting the health and productivity of workers and Mecanum can help you to make your facility a better place for your people!

New regulations on noise at work will come into force in Quebec in 2023. The maximum permissible exposure for 8 hours will increase from 90 dBA to 85 dBA. Mecanum can help you determine the noise exposure of your personnel and reduce the noise in your facilities below the 85 dBA limit.

  • Noise dosimetry (noise exposure).

  • Determination of noise source using acoustic imaging or other technics.

  • Acoustic mapping and/or workplace simulation.

  • Solution design tailored to customer needs (e.g. machine noise reduction, acoustic enclosure, silencers, acoustic baffles).

Mecanum - ​Industrial Noise

Environmental Evaluation

Noise can be a major environmental problem and a source of conflict. Taking noise pollution into account seriously will make your environment more comfortable for your people and your neighbours. Moreover, limits are set by regulatory bodies to ensure the quality of life of surrounding neighbors.


Mecanum's passionate experts will help you assess and reduce the noise emitted by your installation.

  • 24-hour noise surveillance.

  • Noise monitoring according to Quebec MELCC regulations (industries, quarries, sandpit).

  • Determination of noise source.

  • Simulation of environmental noise with acoustic mapping using SoundPLAN simulation software.

  • Customized solution design (e.g. muffler, noise barrier).

  • Engineering reports.

Mecanum - ​​Environmental Evaluation