SIGMA - HF airflow Resistivity meter


  • Quality Control;

  • Research and development;

  • Model acoustic materials with nonlinear behavior;



The High Flow Resistivity Meter (HF SIGMA) is designed to obtain a reliable measurement of airflow resistivity, resistance, normalized resistance and permeability for porous materials, resistive materials such as aeronautical liners, resistive films or perforated plates.

The flow velocity range starts from 10 cm/s up to 280 cm/s for a 100 mm diameter sample (the velocity depends on atmospheric conditions) and the measured pressure drop can be up to 17 kPa.

Main advantages

  • Automatic measurement sequence through a user-friendly interface

  • System ready in 1 minute

  • Measurement and results in less than 10 minutes.

  • Automatic calculation of statistics

  • Robust test bench

  • Report generator



  • Test bench with integrated sample holder;

  • Sigma-X software.

Measured properties

  • Pressure drop (Pa)

  • Resistance to the passage of air (Pa.s/m or rayls)

  • Normalized resistance to the passage of air (normalized by the acoustic impedance of air)

  • Resistivity to the passage of air (Pa.s/m² or rayls/m)

  • Permeability (m² or Darcy)