Simulator of multilayer acoustic materials.


The NOVA software is a very powerful tool that will help you design and optimize the acoustic properties of multilayer materials without having to invest too much time in expensive and time-consuming tests.

NOVA software allows you to optimize the sound absorption and transmission loss of several material configurations in a very short time due to its user-friendly interface and extremely fast calculation time.



  • Allows unlimited combinations of different layers of materials such as elastic materials, visco-elastic foams, fibrous, felts, screens, septum, solids, perforated panels and fluids to simulate acoustic problems of the daily life.​

  • Takes into account orthotropic, sandwich and composite panels.

  • ​Works with frequency dependent properties.

  • ​Includes automatic detection and joining of different domains (elastic and fluid).

  • Investigate the effects of different boundary conditions and multiple types of excitation (plane waves, diffuse acoustic field, mechanics, pistons, point source, turbulent boundary layer, etc.).

  • ​Offers a wide selection of excitations.

  • ​Includes an extensive material database.

  • ​Includes scripts to calculate SEA input parameters: modal density, loss factor, radiation efficiency, wavenumber.

  • ​Includes a script that allows the study of heterogeneous materials by the parallel transfer matrix method (PTMM).

  • ​Includes micro-macro (bottom-up) scripts for foams and fibers.

  • ​Accounts for the effects of panels with finite side dimensions in the high frequency module.

  • ​Allows the simulation of impedance and bazooka tests, attenuation index and absorption under any incidence.

  • ​Analysis in thin bands and in 1/3 octave.

  • Calculates a large number of parameters: absorption and reflection coefficient, surface impedance, attenuation index, dissipated powers, equivalent damping factor, space velocity and pressure response, insertion loss, radiation efficiency, etc.

NOVA includes two modules:

Medium and high frequency modules based on the transfer matrix method with the consideration of the finite lateral dimensions of the multilayers

Low frequency module based on the FEM/BEM method using the most advanced models of different types of porous materials (felts, screens, poroelastic, perforated plate)

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NOVA introduction


NOVA advantages

Benefits of NOVA software

Through the numerical modeling of these materials, different concept proposals can be made with the aim of increasing performance for a given application with respect to cost, weight, efficiency, size as well as other essential criteria.

Main fields of application


carpets, seats, headliner, hood, trunk trim and mats, floor systems, multi-layer treatments/sound package

Building acoustic

insulation walls, doors, carpets, single/double windows


classify and optimize the acoustic performance.

Additions & complements

NOVA is part of the ESI group in the VA product family

It is possible to extract the properties of your own materials, test the most optimal solution and the strength of your design by using world-class simulation tools.

Characterization equipments

It is possible to extract the properties of your materials using state-of-the-art Mecanum's equipments.


Identification software for acoustic modeling parameters of porous materials


Simulator of multilayer acoustic materials.