PHI - Porosimeter and Density Meter


The Porosimeter and Density Meter is a pycnometer specially designed to obtain reliable measurements of the open porosity and the true bulk density of open-cell porous materials. The system is based on a published scientific method, the isothermal pressure/mass method, which measures the mass of a sample subjected to different pressure levels. By using the ideal gas law, the volume of the solid phase is retrieved then allows the deduction of the bulk density and the open porosity of the materials. Different gases can be used, typically air or argon. The greater the apparent volume of the sample and the density of the gas used, the greater the accuracy of the method will increase.


Main Advantages

  • Quality control in the manufacturing process of materials

  • Research, development and innovation

  • Supply of models used in acoustic prediction software

  • Measurement method taken from the scientific literature

  • Automatic measurement acquisition

  • Measurement sequence controlled and guided through a user-friendly interface

  • Superior build quality

  • Automatic calculation of global statistics

  • Automatic reports



  • PHI System

  • Precision scale

  • Certified calibration weight

  • Certified verification sample

  • PHI-X Software

Measured Properties