ETA - Oberst beam


The robust and easy-to-use clamping system makes it possible to fix the beams rigidly and to test several beams in a short time.

The acquisition system comes with a USB connection and is connected to the test bench by temperature resistant wires. The magnetic position sensor can adjust to different thicknesses of single or multi-layered beams. Finally, the magnetic exciter with adjustable position makes it possible to test single or multi-layer beams of different lengths.

Standards & certifications

  • ASTM E756-05

Main advantages

  • Simple and user-friendly interface

  • Temperature resistant

  • Advanced calculation algorithms

  • Superior build quality

  • Automatic calculation of global statistics

  • Automatic reports


  • Quality Control;

  • Research and development;

  • Model acoustic materials;

  • Evaluation of the damping potential.


  • steel beam;

  • Aluminum beam;

  • Root of steel.


  • A test bench with a stainless steel frame;

  • An acquisition system with integrated amplifier;

  • A set of starting beams (5 aluminum beams, 5 steel beams and 10 pairs of roots);

  • A magnetic exciter;

  • A magnetic position sensor.

Measured properties

  • Young's modulus (E)

  • Damping factor (η)