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MECANUM offers researchers and laboratory managers the possibility of identifying, through an internationally renowned scientific approach, their issues related to noise and vibration in order to enable them to better understand their specific needs, while ensuring to deliver them quality service and equipment that are easy to use, durable and accurate.

Impedance and transmission tube

Impedance tubes

Our tubes are designed according to ASTM E1050, ISO 10534-2 and ASTM E2611 standards.


Resistivity meter

Our resistivity meter measures the static airflow resistivity, resistance and permeability of porous materials according to ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053 standards.

Porosity and density meter

Porosity meter

Our porosimeter is specially designed to measure the open porosity and the true (vacuum) bulk density used in acoustic propagation models for poroelastic materials.

Mecanum Acoustic test cabin

Acoustic cabin

Our Mecanum Acoustic Test cabin is the perfect solution for quickly and accurately measuring near-diffuse field sound absorption and transmission loss of medium-sized samples.

Oberst beam testing system

Oberst beam

Our ETA system measures the Young's modulus and the damping loss factor of elastic or viscoelastic materials according to the ASTM E756-05 standard.

Quasi-static mechanical analyzer

Mechanical analyzer

Our QMA, quasi-static mechanical analyzer, makes it possible to measure the Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and structural loss factor of poroelastic materials according to the ISO 18437-5 standard.

Tortuosity meter

Tortuosity meter

Our ultrasonic tortuometer measures the tortuosity and characteristic lengths of porous materials.

3D Acoustic Camera for acoustic imaging

Acoustic camera

The 3D Acoustic Camera is suitable for quickly and easily detecting unwanted noise and vibration issues.

VBT Mecanum


Our VBT system measures the Young's modulus and the damping loss factor of elastic or viscoelastic materials based on an input mobility measurement of a free-free beam.

Circular cutter and other acoustic equipment accessories


Additional and custom accessories