Viscoelastic Properties

The viscoelastic parameters are the vibration-damping properties of damping materials: the loss factor and Young’s modulus, or the shear modulus. These parameters are frequency and temperature dependent. They are usually characterized over a frequency range of 50 to 5000 Hz and over the useful temperature range of a material. The damping materials have application in structural vibration, building acoustics, and the control of audible noise. Such materials include metals, enamels, ceramics, rubbers, plastics, reinforced epoxy matrices and woods that can be formed to cantilever beam test specimen configurations.

EquipmentOberst’s beam system
StandardASTM E756
Method: Standard Test Method for Measuring Vibration – Damping Properties of Materials [1, 2]
Properties 1: E(ω) – frequency dependent Young’s modulus (Pa)
                       η(ω) – frequency dependent damping loss factor
                      G(ω) – frequency dependent shear modulus

Tested Frequency and Temperature Range

  • 0 à 5000 Hz

  • -70 à 120°C