QMA - Quasi-static mechanical analyser


The QMA is designed to measure the BIOT elastic properties of porous materials. These properties are the Young's modulus, the damping coefficient and the Poisson's ratio.

Standards & certifications

  • ISO 18437-5

Main advantages

  • Measurement method according to ISO 18437-5

  • Automatic measuring system with user-friendly interface

  • Measurement method taken from the scientific literature


  • Quality Control;

  • Research and development;

  • Model acoustic materials;


  • The test bench;

  • QMA-X software;

  • Sample centralizers;

  • A verification sample;

  • Calibration wedges;

  • Compression plates.


  • Circular knives for porous materials

  • Porous material slicer

  • Foam-X Software

  • Nova software

Measured properties

  • Young's modulus (E)

  • Poisson's ratio (ν)

  • Damping (or loss) factor (η)