SIGMA - Airflow Resistivity Meter


The airflow resistivity meter is designed to obtain a reliable measurement of static airflow resistivity, resistance and permeability for a wide range of open-cell porous materials used for noise control. The system is based on the direct method described in the ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053 standards.

SIGMA-X software detects automatically minimum flow velocity measurement range and allows you to obtain the pressure drop as a function of the flow velocity as low as 0.5 mm/s.


Main Advantages

  • Quality Control

  • Research and development

  • Model acoustic materials

  • Improve the accuracy of the indirect and inverse methods (FOAM-X Software needed).

  • Measurement method according to ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053 standards

  • Automatic measurement sequence through a user-friendly interface

  • Measures and results in less than 5 minutes

  • System ready in less than 1 minute

  • Automatic calculation of global statistics

  • Report generator




  • Two specimen holders (diameter of 100 mm and 44.44 mm) 

  • Resistive film support

  • Verification sample

  • Grids to support soft materials

  • Rings to minimize air leakage around the sample

  • SIGMA-X software

Measured Properties