Laboratory Acoustic Testing Services

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Characterization of acoustic materials for noise modeling

You want to model your material or improve its acoustic performance, Mecanum provide a series of characterization tests for Johnson Champoux Allard (JCAL) equivalent fluids, Biot poroelastic materials and viscoelastic materials (damping materials).


Available tests:​

  • Airflow resistivity (ASTM C522-03 & ISO 9053)​

  • Porosity and density

  • Tortuosity

  • Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and structural loss factor/damping of poroelastic materials (ISO 18437-5)

  • Structural loss factor/damping and Young's/Shear modulus of elastic or viscoelastic materials (ASTM E756-05) at different temperatures

  • Viscous characteristic length

  • Thermal characteristic length

  • Thermal permeability

  • Foam-X inversion and indirect method properties extraction (JCAL or Biot modelisation)

  • Multilayer simulation using NOVA

  • Metamateial simulation

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Normal incidence impedance and transmission measurements

Normal incidence impedance and transmission measurements is a fast and easy way to measure and compare the acoustic performances of different types of acoustical materials (sound absorption and insulation). Measurements are accurate, reliable and only need small circular samples.

All these measurements follow ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611 and ISO 10534-2 standards. Tests can also be performed at high sound pressure level up to 155 dB to highlight non-linear behavior.

Measured parameters at normal incidence:

  • Absorption

  • Surface impedance

  • Reflection coefficient

  • Transmission loss

  • Transparency

  • Characteristic impedance

  • Wave number

  • Dynamic bulk density

  • Dynamic bulk modulus

  • Transfer matrix coefficients

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Diffuse field absorption & transmission measurements

A diffuse sound field is defined as a sound field with uniform energy density and random direction of propagation. Diffuse field absorption and transmission loss measurements can be performed in small cabin or in large transmission loss facilities (reverberation and anechoic chamber).

Main measured parameters:

  • Diffuse field sound absorption (ASTM C423 and ISO 11654)

  • Diffuse field sound transmission loss (ASTM E413 and ISO 11654

Single Rating Numbers:

  • NRC

  • SAA

  • Aw

  • STC

  • Rw

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Acoustic power measurements

You want to know how much your product is making noise. Mecanum offers several methods to quantify sound power of your product.

Main measured parameters:

  • Sound pressure method in reverberation room (ISO 3741)

  • Sound pressure method in hemi-anechoic room (ISO 3744)

  • Sound pressure method in anechoic room (ISO 3745)

  • Reference source method (ISO 3747)

  • Sound intensity method (ISO 9614-3)

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Other acoustics and vibration tests

Mecanum team has access to state-of-the-art NVH equipment and laboratory and can perform various types of noise and vibration tests. Contact an expert to talk about your project!

Example of measurements:

  • Modal analysis using Impact hammer shaker;

  • Vibration testing using accelerometers or laser;

  • Various types of pressure and intensity measurements;

  • Custom test setup.