MECANUM offers companies with problems related to noise and vibrations who wish to collaborate with a reliable partner, a unique international level of expertise. Mecanum will precisely establish their success criteria and will propose effective and innovative solutions within competitive delivery times.

Laboratory Acoustic Tests

You have a problem that requires modeling an acoustic material. Mecanum laboratory is equipped to perform material characterization for Johnson Champoux Allard Lafarge (JCAL) equivalent fluids, Biot poroelastic materials and viscoelastic materials (damping material).

You need to measure normal incidence sound absorption, transmission loss, transparency, or transfer matrix coefficients of small samples based on ASTM or ISO standards. Mecanum laboratory is your ally with its impedance and transmission tubes.

From the smaller acoustic test cabin to the full size coupled reverberation and anechoic rooms, Mecanum laboratory is your partner to measure difuse field sound absorption or transmission loss of your product based on ASTM or ISO standards.

You want to know how much your product is making noise. Mecanum laboratory provide you sound power measurement service.

From vibration tests using accelerometers, hammer or shaker to any type of acoustic tests, Mecanum laboratory is equipped to do a wide range of acoustics and vibration testing

Acoustic Consulting Projects

With 25 years of R&D experience and multiple contacts with industry leaders and large acoustic research groups around the world, Mecanum can help you bring noise and vibration R&D projects to the next level.

Mecanum experts can deploy a complete toolbox to solve your NVH challenge even at the beginning of your development. NVH design applies on all noisy equipments (e.g., home appliance, power tools, light and heavy trucks, construction equipment).

You have noise problems in your building, Mecanum team can help you diagnose and solve them.

Your facility is noisy and you would like to make it a better place for your people. Mecanum specialists can assess your acoustic situation and propose you noise control solutions adapted to your needs.

Noise limits are set by regulatory bodies and standards to ensure the quality of life of local residents. Mecanum experts will help you assess and reduce the noise emitted by your facilities.