Asphalt impedance tube


  • Absorption measurement;

  • Quality control;

  • Research and development.



The 100mm 2-microphone asphalt impedance tube for asphalt absorption measurement according to ISO 13472-2 from Mecanum is specially designed to cover the 1/3 octave frequency ranges 250 to 1600 Hz.

Standards & certifications

  • ISO 13472-2

Main advantages

  • Frequency range: 250-1600 Hz

  • Portable - Method usable in the laboratory and In Situ

  • Simple and user-friendly interface

  • Top quality manufacturing


  • An impedance tube;

  • Microphones;

  • A 4-input / 1-output acquisition system with integrated audio amplifier;

  • TUBE-X measurement software;

  • A verification plate;

  • A carrying case;

Measured properties

  • Resistivity to the passage of static air (Pa.s/m² or rayls/m)

  • Resistance to the passage of static air (Pa.s/m or rayls)

  • Static permeability (m² or Darcy)


  • Station ENVIRO