Whether it is individually or in a group, you can benefit from a general or customized private training in acoustics and vibrations. This training will be presented to you, either in French or in English, by an experienced engineer specialized in acoustics. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose the place where the training will take place, whether at our premises or at your office.

Training Subjects

  • Acoustics and noise control (basic and advanced concepts)

  • Vibration and vibration control (basic and advanced concepts)

  • Vibroacoustic (interaction between vibrations and acoustics)

  • Acoustic and vibratory measurements and diagnostics

  • Acoustic materials (absorbents, insulators, shock absorbers)

  • Vibroacoustic simulation / prediction methods (noise and vibration)

  • Understanding the noise and vibration of one of your products in order to improve its acoustic and vibratory comfort

  • Characterization and simulation of acoustic materials

  • Other topics to suit your needs

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