FPS is designed to measure the permeability of fabrics and textiles that are permeable to air. FPS complies with ISO 9237 and can be used for both quality control and development.

FPS connects to a PC via a USB port and it is fully controlled by the FPS-X software.

FPS-X software is a very powerful tool for any textile laboratories, and can be combined with Mecanum simulation software.



  • Full-scale (FS) flow range: 0.4 – 200 ln/min

    • Accuracy: +- 2% FS

  • Full-scale (FS) pressure drop: 500 Pa

    • Accuracy: 0.5 % FS

  • Sample holders as per ISO 9237

    • Surface area: 20, 50, and 100 cm²

    • Compression system to minimize leaks

  • Certified orifice plate as per ISO 5167-2


  • FPS-X: User-friendly interface

  • Semiautomatic measurement and flow control

  • Calculation of air permeability as per ISO 9237

  • Data export to Excel format

  • Computer requirement: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

  • USB communication port

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