Our team of accomplished researchers, engineers and technicians can address both innovative and practical solutions to solve your noise and vibration problems.

Architectural Acoustics


Optimization of building acoustics according to their use:


  • Offices

  • Teaching facilities

  • Sports sites

  • Theaters

  • Etc.


Industrial Acoustics

  • Analysis of workers' noise exposure;

  • Identification and prioritization of noise sources and transfer path;

  • Proposal of technology solutions adapted to work constraints.

Environmental Noise

  • 24/7 continuous acoustic and vibration monitoring;

  • Road noise;

  • Sound impact measurements on site;

  • Modeling of acoustic propagation;

  • Solutions suggestion.


Characterization of Porous and Damping Materials

Mecanum uses state-of-the-art equipments to characterize porous and damping material properties such as:

  • Normal incidence sound transmission loss

  • Damping loss factor

  • Static airflow resistivity

  • Open porosity

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NVH Acoustic Design

  • Analysis of sources and transfer paths using TPA, OTPA or HTPA methods;

  • Acoustic imagery;

  • Sound quality study.



  • Acoustics and noise control;

  • Vibrations and vibrations control;

  • Vibroacoustics;

  • Acoustics and vibrations measurements and diagnostics;

  • Acoustic materials;

  • Vibroacoustic simulation / prediction methods;

  • Understanding of noise and vibrations;

  • Characterization and simulation of acoustic materials;

  • Other subjects according to your needs.


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