Mecanum's impedance tube for measuring asphalt absorption, according to ISO 13472-2, is specially designed to cover the frequency ranges from 1/3 octave 250 to 1600 Hz.

Tube Model

Tube asphalte_horizontal.png

Asphalt Impedance Tube

2 microphones

100 mm

1/3 octave 250-1600 Hz


Measured Properties


  • Analysis of the acoustic nonlinear response of materials

  • Quality control

  • R&D applications



Standard Mecanum’s asphalt inpedance tube system includes:

  • 100 mm impedance tube with its speaker and two microphone stands;

  • Flat calibration according to ISO 10534-2;

  • Asphalt adapter with moistened clay paste for sealing according to ISO 13472-2;

  • Set of handles for easy handling and protection of the microphone;

  • Robust transport case;

  • USB2 data acquisition system;

  • Two (2) ¼ "ICP microphones with calibration certifications;

  • One (1) verification sample per tube and its verification table;

  • Possibility of powering the system with a battery for external measurements;

  • TUBE-X software;

  • TUBE-X module for measuring asphalt (ISO 13472-2).

TUBE-X Software


The TUBE-X software is a user-friendly tool for impedance tube measurements. It will allow you to choose among different measurement techniques. TUBE-X controls the entire procedure from calibration to the measurement itself. It takes into account the atmospheric conditions and the internal dissipation of the tube.

TUBE-X can also:

  • Measure in white noise or sweep sines;

  • Correct the effects of grids and rings if they are used during measurement;

  • Compare measurement projects;

  • Merge the measurements made with the different tubes;

  • Average measurements (in fine bands, third octave and octave);

  • Estimate acoustic indicators (NRC, SAA);

  • Calculate the penetration depth of the acoustic wave in the material (20 dB reduction);

  • Export graphs and data to Excel and text files.

Comparison Tool

Main Advantages of the Product


Portable - Method usable in laboratory and in situ


User-friendly interface


Superios manufacturing quality

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